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The Best Way to Clean Swimming Pool Water

 [Publisher]:  Taotao Pool Tiles    [Date]:  2015-09-12

The best way to keep your swimming pool clean is to consistently remove debris from it.

Keeping out leaves and twigs--together with balancing the chemicals and vacuuming the bottom--go a long way toward keeping your pool clean all season long.

As specific tools are often required, check with your local pool supplier to obtain what you need for your type of pool.


Things You'll Need

Scrub brush

Pool vacuum

Leaf skimmer

Pool testing kit



Use a leaf skimmer, a long-handled net, to remove large debris like leaves, twigs and big bugs from your pool.

Scrub down the sides of the pool, using a nylon-bristle scrub brush for vinyl or fiberglass pools and a tile brush for a tiled-wall pool.

Test your pool's water to ensure there is enough chlorine. The appropriate amount of chlorine in your pool--usually between 1 and 3 parts per million--will keep bacteria, fungi and algae from forming.

Use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom of your pool. The vacuum will pull small bugs, dirt, sand or anything else that settles to and accumulates on the bottom.

Clean the filters regularly. Open the filter and remove the entire grid assembly. Hose it off and scrub as necessary. Follow the instructions for your pool to clean the filter safely, including possible additions of diatomaceous earth or sand, as required.

Repeat the above steps on a regular basis and the pool will stay clean.


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