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Can any tiles be used for for swimming pools ?

 [Publisher]:  泳池砖    [Date]:  2016-03-05

Can any tiles be used for for swimming pools ?

Basically no, it very much depends on how the tile is manufactured; certain tiles are not suitable for pool use.

A major factor contributing to the overall aesthetics of the swimming pool tiles will be the grout colour chosen. 

One should avoid a strong contrast particularly in a darker colour which may make the grout lines stand out and give a very busy effect. The epoxy grout finish is the most durable and recommended tile grout.

An important aspect of laying glass pool tiles is to ensure the recommended adhesive and grout additive is used and this will ensure your tiles will outlast any other finish.

There are particular types of adhesives for submersible use which is a critical aspect to the longevity of your tiling job.
Once installed correctly tiles will outlast all other finishes and will not fade or warp and require less maintenance than internal render or paint applications.

Taotao glass swimming pool tiles are suitable for both chlorine and saltwater pools.

We have sold to many countries and regions of glass tiles and have over 500 colours in our range so we are sure we can provide you the look you desire.

We can custom make blends and colors for clients.
We can recommend complimentary grout colours and provide you guidance on the tile selection.
Stay tuned for more tips of the day as we update this section regularly


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